We are presenting you an unique product, a result of 25 years of assiduous effort to develop  a Cigarette, which wouldn´t harm your health, but in contrary will agree with it. Its discoverer used his knowledge on tobacco field and concentrated himself on research in tobacco substitute without presence of harmful nicotine.He made a cigarillo which creates a feeling of smoking but doesn´t bring so many harmful influence to organism.

On contrary when burning a Nirdosh Cigarette many positive substances are originated which influence organism defense mechanisms, blood pressure, problems with constipation, asthma, heart troubles or bronchitis. They create a feeling of serenity, relaxation and they support concentration of mind. NIRDOSH Cigarette is suitable for all who work hard physically and mentally and also for smokers as an alternative in getting rid of their habit.

The smoker may inhale NIRDOSH Cigarette into his/her lungs and to feel like smoking, but this time without nicotine and other harmful substances contained in usual cigarette. Due to this effect the popularity of NIRDOSH cigarillos increases not only in India, but also in many other countries of the world.

NIRDOSH is a pure natural product, its origin is accompanied by careful handwork. Its formula is a result of knowledge and principles of one of most ancient therapeutic methods in the world, the medicine of ancient India - Ayurveda.

The term "ayurveda" according available sources consists of the word "ayu", which means "life", and "veda", which may be translated as "knowledge" or "science". So the term Ayurveda is interpreted as "science of life".

Ayurveda is 5000 years old medicine of body and mind. It is an oldest preserved therapy system in the world, and represents not only a collection of knowledge about health and disease, but it can be understood simultaneously as a philosophical concept of the way and essence of physical and mental being. Ayurveda bases mainly on harmonic connection and achievment of perfect harmony between physical, mental and spiritual health. Ayurvedic medicine is then a reservoir of many unique hollistic preparations.

One of them is also herbal cigarette NIRDOSH. A difference between usual and ayurvedic cigarette consists mainly in the fact, that usual cigarette contains tobacco, whose burning releases nicotine, possible factor of addiction, and paper, whose burning releases tar. Herbal cigarillo NIRDOSH contains a mixture of nine herbs: Basilicum, Cloves, Licorice, Turmeric root, Galgan root, Lotus tree, resin of Indian tree Balsamodendron mukul, Malabar Cinnamon, Ajowan Seed.