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Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes in Basil / Tulsi Flavor

What is Nirdosh Cigarettes?

Nirdosh cigarette is alternative of tobacco cigarettes. Nirdosh is nicotine free and does not cause any kind of addiction.

Nicotine free Cigarettes

Those who are willing to quit smoking, Nirdosh cigarettes are best alternative of cigarettes that contain nicotine. It does not contain tobacco hence it is nicotine free.

Nirdosh cigarettes contain herbs that are known to relieve mind and suppress carving feeling of smoking. Using Nirdosh cigarettes, one can quits moking naturally. One does not need to chew nicotine gum or nicotine inhaler. One needs not to worry about smoking withdrawal symptoms as herbs in the Nirdosh cigarettes helps your mind remain calm.

Nirdosh is actually a herbal cigar which means you are smoking without nicotine. It is a cheap alternative of quit smoking methods like laser treatment or other programs.

People are aware of huge benefits of quitting smoking but fail to actually quit as traditional cigarettes are highly addictive in nature.

Benefits of Quits Moking

Smoking causes irregularity in blood pressure level and heart beat. Quitting smoking normalises both.
Normalizes oxygen level on intake of oxygen
Level of nicotine and carbon monoxide reduces
Considerably improves ability to smell and taste
Circulation of blood and oxygen in blood improves
Functionalities of lungs improves
Healthy lungs improves breathing, wheezing and eliminates coughs
Lowers symptoms of coronary heart disease
Lowers risk of heart attack
Lowers the risk of stroke
Lowers chances of lung cancer
You have lowered the chances of dying in next 15 years if you have quit smoking before 50 years of age.

Smoking effects

Level of stress is unusually high in smokers
Smokers usually say they smoke to relieve stress. However,it is illusion feel, it actually causes more stress compared to non-smokers.
Smoking increases risk of heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,strokes,
emphysema, , cancers of the mouth and larynx, cancer particularly lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.
Life of smokers is reduced by about 14 years
Smoking causes unusual sexual behaviors

Gender Specific Effects of Smoking

Risk of lower weight of baby is reduced in women who quit smoking 3 - 4 months before pregnancy.
Babies are likely to be born premature or stillborn to mothers who have smoked during pregnancy. Also babies are prone to die of cot death if exposed to tobacco smoke.
Level of risk of miscarriage in women who smoked during pregnancy is higher.

Men are at risk of impotence as per research study. Quality,quantity and density of sperm is adversely affected in men who smokes. This can result in abnormality in sperm.

Smokers usually suffer from consistent and strong cold and coughs as compared to non smokers.

Smoking is responsible for most of the breathing problems.

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