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Nirdosh Herbal Beedi 30 packets

Benefits of Herbal Beedi

There are many benefits of smoking herbal beedi. Foremost one is it is nicotine free. And that is the reason it does not cause addiction. Although it does not cause addiction it gives same feeling of stress relief and relaxation.

Most people know the effects of nicotine cigarettes and want to quit. Herbal bidi is one such alternative to tobacco smoking. Smoking herbal beedi helps quit smoking without withdrawal symptoms.

Herbal beedi is formulated as per formula described in ancient Ayurvedic books. Herbal beedi not only helps quit smoking but also treats conditions like breathing issues, coughs, cold and calmness of mind.

Tobacco & Nicotine Free Product:

  • Tulsi (Basil)

  • Mulethi (Liquiorice)

  • Akmol leaves or Tendu Leaves

  • Ajwain weed (Bishops Weed)

  • Lavang (Clove)

  • Haldi (Turmeric)

  • Cinnamon

  • Indian Bdellium

How Herbal Beedi helps

  • Helps to improve body’s immune system and defense system against diseases.

  • Calms mind and produces feeling of relaxation.

  • Cleanses throat resulting in clear voice

  • Contains no nicotine, hence does not cause addiction

  • Does not have paper meaning no inhaling of carbon monoxide.

  • Smell of smoke is pleasant and soothing

  • Solves issues of bad breath.


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