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We welcome you to Nirdosh Cigarettes, your home of quality online herbal cigarettes that are designed to keep you healthy the more you smoke. Our herbal cigarettes are carefully made from an ancient Ayurvedic recipe of more than 5000 years old. Our herbal cigarettes are made from highly selected herbs which help in detoxifying the lungs, stimulating digestion, calming and relaxing the mind and body amongst other benefits of herbal cigarettes. This good side of herbal cigars is primarily due to the herbs used to make them which helps in promoting good health in the long run. A significant benefit which draws people to them is their ability to strengthen the body’s defense mechanism and improve the capacity to fight various kinds of diseases with ease. Remember, they’re medicinal herbs!

Whether you wish to use the herbs to quit smoking tobacco or to moderately smoke cigarettes for their health benefits, Nirdosh herbal cigars are your best choice. For thousands of years, smoking herbs have been a part of history for religious, ceremonial and medicinal reasons and this smoking of herbal cigarettes cuts across different cultures. In recent times, there has been a mass resurgence of peoples’ interest in the smoking of herbal products. Though people avoided cigarettes because of the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine, and the routine drug testing by agencies for controlled substances, friendly and healthy alternatives like herbal cigars are there to help. You can steer clear from all these negativities of conventional smoking by opting to herbal cigarettes which are healthy, friendly and environmentally friendly.

Besides its medicinal benefits, Nirdosh cigarettes are 100% tobacco and nicotine free and contain no addictive ingredients. So you don’t have to fear the risk of developing a long term chemical dependency. With Nirdosh herbal cigarettes, your smoking needs are entirely taken care of. Our unique herbally blended cigarettes are a terrific substitute for addictive tobacco. It provides an excellent alternative to smoking without the addictive features of nicotine that are associated with regular tobacco cigarettes.

If you must smoke for good health, you must smoke Nirdosh herbal cigarettes, and there is no better place to buy quality and affordable herbal cigarettes online than here.

Why Herbal Cigarettes?
Herbal cigarettes are best alternative of cigarettes with tobacco and nicotine. It does not cause addiction and at the same time it gives you feeling of ‘smoking’.
Other traditional cigarette smoking alternatives like electric cigarettes or vapers, too, give you feeling of smoking but they also contain nicotine which make smoker prone to addiction.

Herbal cigarettes especially Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes are tobacco free and nicotine free.

Benefits of Herbal Cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes are beneficial in many ways. Apart from an effective way to quit smoking aid, they also come with therapeutic benefits.
Herbal cigarettes help..

  Quit smoking ‘gradually’

   Simply smoke herbal cigarette instead of tobacco cigarette when you get feel of smoking.
   The smoke of the herbs would help you lower number of cigarettes slowly without withdrawal symptoms.

  Does not cause any ‘addiction’

   Because herbal cigarettes are nicotine free, which is primary substance that causes addiction, you are not at risk of causing addiction.

  Relieves stress and mental fatigue

  The herbs in the herbal cigarettes are used based on their scientifically proven effects on human nervous system. Many herbs in the cigarettes are known to relieve stress and fatigue.

   Lowers craving of cigarette smoking

    Are Herbal Cigarettes Better than Vape?
    Other tobacco cigarette alternatives like vapers produce vapour of liquid nicotine. This mechanism is equally addictive as tobacco cigarettes. On the other hand, herbal cigarettes,
                    being nicotine free, does not infuse nicotine in your nervous system via smoke.