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Nirdosh Herbal Steam Mixture 100gm
Nirdosh Herbal Steaming Mixture : Steam Inhalation Is One Of The Most Widely Used Home Remedies To Soothe And Open The Nasal Passages And Get Relief From The Symptoms Of A Cold Or Sinus Infection. Also Called Steam Therapy, It Involves The Inhalation Of Water Vapor. The Warm, Moist Air Is Thought To Work By Loosening The Mucus In The Nasal Passages, Throat, And Lungs. This May Relieve Symptoms Of Inflamed, Swollen Blood Vessels In Your Nasal Passages.

Benefits Of Steam Inhalation :

The Main Benefit Of Breathing In Moist, Warm Steam Is That May Help Ease Feelings Of Irritation And Swollen Blood Vessels In The Nasal Passages. The Moisture May Also Help Thin The Mucus In Your Sinuses, Which Allows Them To Empty More Easily. This Can Allow Your Breathing To Return To Normal, At Least For A Short Period Of Time.

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