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Nirdosh Herbal Beedi 20 packets

Benefits of Herbal Beedi

One of the major benefits of herbal bidi is it is nicotine free. With that being said, smoking herbal bidi does not cause addiction. At the same time it gives same satisfaction as smoking tobacco.

Most people who wants to quit smoking prefer herbal bidi to replace nicotine cigarettes, so that they get feeling of smoking   without taking nicotine. This helps people to gradually quit smoking over 1-2 months.

Herbal bidi is produced with herbs as narrated in ancient Indian scriptures. These herbs help treat other health conditions such as cough and restores alertness of mind.

Tobacco & Nicotine Free Product:

  •   Basil
  • Liquiorice
  • Tcndu Leaves
  • Bishops Weed
  • Clove
  • Turmeric
  • Indian Cinnamon
  • Indian Bdellium

How it helps:

Helps body's defense mechanism work against diseases rejuvenation.
Induces a sense of well being and helps concentrate mind due to its herbal contents.
A throat cleaner, thus enhances sonority in a singer's voice.
No nicotine, hence, no harm to the health.
No paper to burn--hence, no harm to the health.
Long-lasting pleasant smell of smoke.
No bad breath.

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