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Nirdosh Cigarettes is the best herbal / ayurvedic Cigarettes available.

Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes is the best Herbal Cigarette available

Ingredients of Nirdosh

Active Ingredients – A brief Description


Botanical Name: Curcuma Longe, Linn
Regional Name: Tamil – Manjal Telugu – Pasupu Malayalam – Mannal Kannadam – Arisina Hindi – Haldi Sanskrit – Haridra
Action: Carminative, Stimulant, and Hepatic Tonic & Antiseptic.
Description: It contains valetile oil 5.5 %. Vilomint or protein 6.3 %. Minerals 3.5 % and Carbohydrate 69.4 %. Effective for throat infections. Respiratory diseases and cough. Act as Anti- bacterial against infections.

Basil: (Holy Basil / Sacred Basil)

Botanical Name: Oclmum sanctum. Linn
Regional Name: Tamil – Thulasi Telugu – Thulasi Malayalam – Thulasi Kannadam – Thulsi Hindi – Thulsi Sanskrit – Thulsi.
Action: Expectorant, Stimulant, Diaphoretic & Anti-Microbial.
Description: In leaves and flower bunch contain vatetile oil 0.23 % Fena 45.47 % & Abilhide 15.25 %. In seeds 17.8 % fixed oil is there and whole plant contains lyarside, Tenin & Alkaldid. Also, Leaves contain Ascorbic Acid carotene. A cup of Tulsi inhalation takes stress and strain away. It cures peptic ulcer and prevent from
stress related disease.


Botanical Name: 
Regional Name: Tamil – Kirambu Telugu – Lavangalu; Lavanga – pu Malayalam – Karampu Kannadam – Lavanga Hindi – Long Sanskrit – Lavangam
Action: Carminative, Stomachic, and Antispasmodic & Antiviral
Description: It is very useful to get relief from whooping cough and cold. Effective in dental and throat infection.

Indian Cinemic: (Cinnamon)

Botanical Name: Cinnamon Zeylanicum
Regional Name: Tamil – Lavangapattal; Karuvapattal Telugu – Lavangpatta; Sanna-Lavangpatta Malayalam – Cheriya-ela; Vanna-tolif Kannadam – Dala-chinni Hindi – Qalami-dar-chini Sanskrit – Twak
Action: Carminative, Stimulant, Astringent & Aphrodisiac
Description: It is very useful to get relief from persistent cough, cold and throat infections. It has anti-ulcerogenic
activities. It has natural source of mouth freshener.


Botanical Name: Glycyrrhizae, glare, Linn.
Regional Name: Tamil – Ati Maduram Telugu – Ati Madhuramu; Yasti-Madhukam Malayalam – Ati-Madhuram; Irattu-Madhuram Hindi – Jathi-Madh, Mulath Sanskrit – Yashti-Madhukam.
Action: Laxative, Expectorant, emollient, Demulcent & Anti-Bacterial & Anti-tissive.
Description: It is 50 times sweeter to the sugar. It increases memory power and help to relieve from stress and strain. It is useful in cough, cold and throat infections. It helps to cure peptic ulcer.

Bishops Weed:

Botanical Name: 
Regional Name: Tamil – Omam Telugu – Omamu Malayalam – Ayamodakam Kannadam – Voma Hindi – Ajvayam Sanskrit– Yavani
Action: Carminative, Stomachic, Antispasmodic, Stimulant, Tonic and Sialogogue & Antiseptic
Description: In fruit aromatic vatetile oil is 2.4 %. It is very effective in relieving whooping cough, cold and throat infection. The habit of smoking Ajowan beedy is already exists with old people in villages.

Indian Badellium:

Botanical Name: Oclmum sanctum. Linn
Regional Name: Tamil – Kungiliyam Telugu- Guggilamu Malayalam – Kungiliyam Kannadam – Guggala Hindi – Dhuna, Damar Sanskrit – Guggllam, Shallakl
Action: Expectorant, Stimulant, and Diuretic & Anti-Arthritis
Description: After inhalation by Dhoompan it reseal of gas. It is very useful to treat diseases. Effective in relieving joint pains without side effect like gastric irritation.

Tendu Leaves:

Botanical Name: Diospyros melanoxylon; Acacla Catech (Lin.f) wiid.
Regional Name: Tamil – Karungali Telugu – Chandra Malayalam – Karungali Kannadam – Khadira Hindi – Katha Sanskrit – Khandira
Action: Carminative, Stimulant & Diuretic