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Nirdosh Cigarettes is the best herbal / ayurvedic Cigarettes available.

Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes is the best Herbal Cigarette available

Why Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes ?

Nirdosh Herbal cigarettes

Nirdosh cigarettes are prepared from an ancient Ayurvedic formula which dates back as far 5000 years old. Herbs used in Nirdosh possess scientifically proven therapeutic properties. Overall effect of the herbs are stimulate digestion, calm mind, detox lungs and normalise nervous system

Nirdosh is best alternative of tobacco cigarettes. It helps in quit smoking.

Many cultures and and ancient civilisations have history of smoking herbs for various reasons. Herbs and method of smoking varies but concept of smoking remains same. But the same has become addiction leading to health problems. Addiction is mainly caused by tobacco.

Some people believe that all form of smoking is bad and injurious. But Nirdosh smoking is way better when smoked to quit tobacco smoking. The therapeutic properties of the herbs contained is applied to nervous system by smoking.s

A chain smoker usually smokes around 10-20 cigarettes a day. Imagines the damage cause by nicotine and tar. And compare it to smoking Nirdosh which releases herbal medicinal effects in smoke which has vast benefits.

If you ever tried to quit tobacco smoking but failed, then try Nirdosh cigarettes smoking. Nirdosh is also great alternative for social smokers who simply smoke because they just need something to smoke at party. Nirdosh is a great solution to stay away tobacco smoking.

One can smoke Nirdosh just for no reason or else for treating cough, cold and soared throat during winter.

Tobacco & Nicotine and Worry Free Product

Serenity of mind, chest, throat, sense system and lightful head are benefits of Nirdosh smoking according to Charak Samhita

Nirdosh smoking is best bet to quit addiction of tobacco smoking or marijuana smoking. Nirdosh helps in improving metabolism, normalising digestion and detoxification of lungs and chest.

History of smoking dates back to thousands of years. Smoking was meant to be traditional, social and ceremonial activity to gain relaxation. Nirdosh is a way to achieve just that without hazardous effects of nicotine and carbon monoxide of tobacco.